How To Keep Skunks From Tearing Up Lawn

Question From: O. Hissom - OHIO
Q: I have skunks which come at night from a corn field across the street. They are tearing up my lawn. I assume they are eating some type of insects but isn't it too late for there to be grubs?


The skunks also eat earth worms and other soil dwellers. Google skunk repellants for ways to get rid of them. There are lots of homemade recipes - I cannot vouch for any of them. My daughter trapped 9 of them living under her porch. She used canned cat food and a have a heart trap. She placed the trap in a black plastic bag. When she caught one she closed the bag and the neighbor guy took care of the rest. I suspect he drowned them. Not pretty, but it worked. Depending on your setup, you might also try deterring them with a scarecrow motion activated sprinkler. Please let us know if you find something that works for you. Best Nancy.