How To Kill Bindweed That Is Smothering Phlox

Question From: a. hedlund - Canton, Michigan, United States
Q: How do I kill the bindweed vine that practically smothers my tall phlox. You can't yank it because it is twined around each stalk. I think it spreads by runners and is ruining my perennial garden. Do I have to paint roundup on each leaf since I can't spray it? This is my 3rd year of this invasion by "devil vine" and I am clueless as to how to fight it.

A: I don't have an easy answer. The only way to get it off the phlox is to cut it off or untwine it. I dig it as deep as possible and when it returns paint the new leaves and stems with Roundup. You may have to do this again so keep an eye on it. I have never been able to eradicate it from some beds, but do keep it under control. Turn your back on it and it takes over. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy