How To Kill Weeds Before Overseeding A Lawn

Question From: . prather - NORTH CAROLINA
Q: Im in region 8 western foothills of NC. Weeds are growing faster then grass already. I need to overseed. I have tall fescue. Do I kill weeds first and with what? Weed and feed? Im clueless. I have half acre. Thanks


Ryan, Don't waste your money on weed and feed. Bonide Weed Beater Ultra (a liquid) is effective on 200 broad leaf weeds. It comes in a hose end sprayer and a concentrate. You can over-seed in 2 weeks. Take some time an read thru the entire section on Lawncare in You will no longer be clueless and if you follow Jeff Ball's recommendations you will grow the lawn of your dreams.

Comment: I really appreciate the fast reply and the preciseness of advice. I am thankful because you saved me a lot of money that I would have wasted. Thanks yardner!..