How To Learn About Soaker Hoses And Find Someone To Do A Garden Assessment

Question From: c. Anet - Mukilteo, Washington, United States
Q: Hello Nancy. We just bought a house with a BEAUTIFUL garden and we are not gardeners at all. There are soaker hoses. How do I get someone to give us a 101 on soaker hose and assess what is in our garden so we can take it from there? The garden is so beautiful and I am willing to learn all I can to continue the care of such a beautiful garden.

A: That's a good question Celine, and I am not sure I can answer it. I would start by contacting the former owners to see of they employed a gardener or landscape design professional. This would be helpful in identifying what you have and how to care for it. Also check around in your area for recommendations of garden designers or professional gardeners. A good garden center or nursery may also be a source of finding the help you want or need. As far as the soaker hoses are concerned. The best thing to do is after a dry period let them run for a half hour and see how wide and deep the penetration of moisture goes and whether they are doing an effective job. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy