How To Make Carrot Planting Strips

Question From: D. Baker - Llano, Texas, United States
Q: is it possible for me to make my own carrot planting strips. Could I use regular newspaper. I understand that newspaper ink has something in it that discourages insects. Is that true? Would I be better off using some other material such as paper towel or tissue paper?

A: Deborah, I use single ply toilet paper. I live in the country and use the "cheap stuff" because I have a septic tank. Glue of choice is Elmer's. If you want to go organic use an unbleached variety of TP. After the glue dries carefully roll up the strip and store in a large glass jar. I don't see any reason not to use newspaper. However I have never read that the ink acts as an insect repellant. I use newspaper for mulch and have not found this to be true. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy