How To Move Hostas Successfully

Question From: Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, we have sold our house and will be moving between July 15th and August 1. As part of the deal, we will be moving our extensive Hosta collection including a Princess Wu. I know this is not the time of the year to move them but we have no choice. Any suggestion on how we should go about doing this in order for them to survive? Some of them we would like to move whole and then divide them at our new house. Would the survival rate be better if we didn't divide them now and do it at a later date? Thanks for your help, enjoy reading your articles in the Homestyle. Thanks, Dan

A: Best to move them whole or in halves. Hostas are tough cookies and should do fine as long as you keep them watered. Potting them up would be best. I've seen people wrap the root balls in newspaper and stuff the wrapped rootball in plastic bags and boxes. Be sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy. Do not fertilize them or use potting soil with fertilizer. Good Luck on your move. Best Nancy