How To Over Winter Potted Acer Goodblood Maple

Question From: K. Novik - Charter Township of Clinton, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, thanks for some very interesting columns in the news. I have started from seed a Acer goodblood maple. It is in a 12 inch pot, about 8 inches tall with leaves to the bottom and as thick in the trunk about a toothpick size. How do I keep this over winter? Inside, in the garage, or outside. Should it be watered over winter? Can I leave it in the pot till next year or two? Tried before but it did not make it. Any help would be appreciated. Ken

A: Ken, Your Goodblood needs a dormant period. I would either sink the pot in ground in a protected area or put it in an unheated garage after the leaves fall and Jack Frost moves in. Keep the soil moist but not sodden. Placing a couple of ice cubes on the surface of the soil every couple of weeks should do the trick. Thanks for the kind words. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.