How To Over-Winter Potted Hydrangea

Question From: S. Clozza - Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Q: I received 2 hydrangea potted plants from an on line flower site. I planted them on my patio in larger containers and the blooms fell off after a time but the plants are growing and green. How should I overwinter them? Can I transplant into the garden or keep in the pots and protect them? Will they bloom next year or beacause they were hot house plants are they not viable for Michigan winters?

A: If they are not hardy here in Michigan you will need to overwinter them in a place that does not freeze, It would help to know the specie and variety. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: the variety is pink sensation. Can I still winter in container in garage? Or transplanted in garden?

A: I did not find a lot of information about them. While they are said to be hardy to zone 5 I would overwinter them in a shed or garage. Put them away when the leaves fall. Do keep the soil moist until the soil freezes. Pull them out when in the snow melts, probably around March. You might also contact the company you bought them from. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy