How To Overseed Lawn And Should It Be Done

Question From: B. Demeglio - Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Q: I am having a difficult time in determining what product to use when. I live in Maryland. We recently moved into a new home and looks like the grass has never seen any attention besides mowing. The grass contains: Bare spots Crab grass/Weeds (summer) Moss (on sides of house) Generally Thin amount of grass I plan on over seeding this spring along with dethatching and aerating. I am looking for some advice on a timeline of events for over seeding, fertilizing, weed control, etc. and how long roughly to wait between products. I really appreciate the help! Thanks! Bill

A: If you have 50 to 60 percent weeds in your lawn along with bare spots and thin grass, it's best to start over. Treat the area with Roundup and wait the period recommended on the label to re-seed. The best time to use the RoundUp is when the soil temperature is 60 degree and above. Read the entire label and follow the directions to the T. This product will kill or damage any plant it touches so cover valuable shrubs and other plants and do not use it on a windy day. Spreading 1/4 to 1/2 inch compost and than aerating before seeding and raking the plugs of dirt in will provide a good surface for the seed. Deep tilling will pull weed seeds up to surface and cause more trouble. Google "how to seed a new lawn" for websites and videos that give step by step instructions. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy