How To Pick The Right Flowering Perennials

Question From: S. Loosvelt - Trenton, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy, I read your article in the April 14, 2017 homestyle section of the Det. News on picking the right flowering perennials. I wanted to know where you get your perennials, and if most of them mentioned in the article are easy to find in most gardening stores. Also, can you recommend some perennials for a beginning gardener. My son and his wife moved last year to the Cincinnati area and she would like to start putting some more perennials in their yard.

A: Independent garden centers should have them, although its early. These are not rate varieties. I recommend your son and wife go window shopping at Their on-line perennial encyclopedia includes 3000 plants and gives color, cultural needs, size and more. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy