How To Plant And Identify Gender Of Holly

Question From: M. Hutchko - Leeton, Missouri, United States
Q: I just received 2 holly plants from Arbor Day. Both plants are only about 1 foot long and bare root. How do I know what type of holly plant I have and whether I have male or female? I want to plant them soon and have a lot of clay soil where I live so was going to mix sand, clay soil & potting soil to put in the hole.

A: Mike there is no way to telling the sex of the hollies or id their variety. Females will flower in the summer. Check with the company that sent them to you. Do no plant them too close together, since you don't know their mature size. Current wisdom suggests not amending native soil when planting trees and bushes. If drainange is a problem plant them in raised beds. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy