How To Prepare Container Soil For Reuse

Question From: d. minor - MICHIGAN
Q: hi nancy, saw you at english gardens dbn. Hts. A few weeks ago. I learned a lot during that short time, I really appreciated the info. My questions are: I need to reuse soil from containers that I had last year. How do I amend the soil for new plants? I purchased super thive at your suggestion for plant revival, can I use that in the reused soil? Or should I just add something new potting soil to the old? Also I get free compost offerred by the city. Is there anything I should do to it before adding it to my garden soil, just mix it in with the top layer, or just layer it on top? Thanks for the help. I couldnt find the info on your site. Debby


Debbie, I mix OrganiMax compost with used potting soil at a rate of 2/3 old soil to 1/3 OrganiMax. If cost is an issue you can use the city compost, but I would also add a handful of the OrganiMax when planting. The Super Thrive is a plant enhancement and is added to the water when watering. You can layer the compost on the surface of the soil in the existing beds. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.