How To Prevent Maggots Or White Worms On Container Vegetable Roots

Q: Hi Nancy, I noticed maggots or white worms on the roots of my radish plants. They were growing in a plastic tub like container. I have since then removed the radish plants and discarded them, and am solarizing the soil in that container. I thought beneficial nematodes would be a good defence against my container plants. could you please let me know, as i read your comment that they are not required in containers. I'm not sure what to do and how to control this. I also saw one or two when i dug around my arugula plant, but i haven't seen any since. All of my plants are in containers. This is my first time vegetable gardening and this has discouraged me from going any further. I live in a home with a wooded area in my backyard and lot of wooded and some open space on the property, so i am pretty sure i have all kinds of wildlife and insects in my yard.

A: I suggest you sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the surface of the soil before covering the seed. Also covering the container with a floating row cover will prevent the adult flies from entering the soil and laying their eggs. Plant the radishes when the temps are cold before the adults hatch. Best Nancy and Happy Yardering.