How To Prevent Weeds And Keep Bare Soil From Washing Away In Winter

Question From: L. Turner - MICHIGAN
Q: We just bought a home and the landscaping was in need of help. We had a landscape company strip out everything. They brought in yards of topsoil and graded the 600 sq ft. in the front of my house. The house faces South. It looks great now. My problem is that my husband has been away on business and won't be home until Nov 10. What can I do to prevent weeds from growing and the soil from washing away. We won't be able to plant until Spring! I was thinking edging, Preen and straw or mulch.


I would cover the area with newspapers four to six sheets thick and cover the newspaper with shredded leaves. If you don't let them dry out they will not blow away. I use shredded leaves on my veg beds in winter and they stay put. Whole leaves blow away. You could use evergreen boughs to further anchor the leaves. Although it's more work. Preen and straw will work but be sure you get straw not hay. It's filled with seeds. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.