How To Propagate Black Suzan Mary Plant

Question From: J. Pavlov - Trenton, Michigan, United States
Q: gardener...want to use black seed ball from a "Black Suzan Mary plant" to replant this fall. Do I take the black ball, plant it as ball, or break up the black ball and spread seedlings,, how deep should I do either and how to protect over winter... any help would be appreciated....Jerry in Trenton, MI

A: Jerry, I am not familiar with the black suzan mary plant. If it is a vine (thunbergia) it is not hardy here in Michigan so you will have to plant the seeds indoors and give them artificial light. But first we need to identify the flower - the latin name. Get back to me. Best Nancy

Comment: Nancy...looked is: "Rudbeckia"...."Black Eyed Susan" according to spring hill nursery...... sorry gave you wrong name....Jerry

Response: Jerry, That seed ball is actually a bunch of seeds. Let it dry and then carefully break it apart in fall. Break up the soil and scatter the seeds where you want them to grow and lightly rake in. Lightly tamp the soil with a rake, your foot or the back of a hoe. That's it. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy