How To Propagate Spirea Bushes For Use As A Border

Question From: Williamsburg, Kentucky, United States
Q: I tried to plant a border of eurymus, but over the last 4 years the bushes have turned puny or died completely. I was wondering if spirea would work for a border. I have 4 spirea in different areas of my yard and they seem to be doing well. Can I get a start from one of my spireas and see how it would do on the border? The border of my property is poor soil and full sun. How can I get a start from one of my spirea bushes?

A: Rebecca, If you have had good luck with these plants they would be an excellent choice. Spirea expand by suckering, that is making new shoots at the base of the shrub. You can dig out portions of these young rooted branches and plant them 2 feet apart. Keep them well watered, mulch them with 3 inches of organic mulch, such as wood chips and do not fertilize until early next spring, using a slow release organic fertilizer, such as Espoma Plant Tone. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.