How To Protect Impatiens From Downy Mildew

Question From: J. JURNIS - Algonac, Michigan, United States
Q: Impatients fungi or downy mildew. In 2012 lost all my plants. Waited 2 years and know I want to plant impatients again because lots of shade. 2 different greenhouses suggested to treat, but 2 different methods. 1. Spray every 14 days because it is air born. 2. Drench the soil before planting (told other gardeners have tried this). Product Organocide Plant Doctor instructions state spray impatients. Any suggestion? Is Fungi in soil? Is Downy Mildew only air born.

A: According to the label this product should be used as a foliar spray every 14 days. That is how I would use it. To be effective you must use it before the plants become infected. Downy mildew spores are air borne and infect plants when conditions are right. Good Luck and keep spraying. Nancy