How To Remove Ageratums

Question From: G. Meengs - MICHIGAN
Q: Hello Nancy, I am in charge of doing the flowers in our condo entrance. We planted ageratums one year and now, they keep coming back, YIKES. They reseeded themselves last year and popped up all over our flower bed, how do I get rid of them once and for all? Was wondering, if I brought in more top soil, would that smother them, or plant nothing for a year and just keep using Round Up to get rid of them. There is no way to keep pulling them out, there are a zillion of them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Gail, I have never heard of ageratums reseeding to that degree and they are annuals. What you have must have an extensive root system. When the plants get 4 leaves, pull them out. When they re-apear spray them with Round-Up.It comes in a variety of strengths, so get the strongest you can find. Then I would cover the area with wet cardboard, followed by 3 inches of organic mulch. If any new shoots appear paint the leaves with Round Up. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.