How To Remove Ants From Property

Question From: Burbank, Illinois, United States
Q: I have been attempting to rid myself of the tiny "sugar" ant for 3 years. Is the mid-size to large size black ant-- a predator The black ant is attempting a "come back" to my property..

A: I generally don't promote going after ants because in the garden they usually do more good than harm. However there are times when they can become real pests.Monterey Ant Control, a brand new product containing spinosad as its active ingredient should do the job for you and the good news is it is OMRI listed. However, because it is so new it may be hard to find. I talked to the company and it will soon be listed on their website and available for purchase there. You can give them a call at (559) 499-2100. Hope this helps. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Comment: Nancy, this sugar ant is a PEST and not helpful to me in my house. My question is: Does the sugar ant have another ant (like the black ant) which is larger; as a PREDITOR? I can't get rid of them and was hoping nature could take its course.

Response: Trading one ant for another doesn't seem like a good idea and I have never heard of using ant wars to rid a home of a problem.I have heard of using a predatory mite, but they are used outdoors and nick named itch mites. Terro makes a good ant trap for indoors that works for me. The contents are boric acid and sugar. I would do an internet search for recipes using boric acid, sugar and water. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy