How To Remove Bindweed

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Dear Nancy, A flowerbed between our front sidewalk and garage is infested with bindweed. Pulling has become futile and it's run under everything and comes up in greater quantity each year (now 5 years of it). Should I pull everything, use a vegetation killer and start again next year? I'm very frustrated. Thanks for your advice!


That would be the easiest way, but it may take a whole season to get it all. Dig as much of it as you can. I do this before the vines begin to grow. Then sit back and wait for it to return. If you have the energy pull it again. Then sit back and wait for the third act. Wait till the leaves unfurl and then paint them with RoundUp. The concentrate works best. I don't like to spray it. You may need to do this a couple of times. Digging twice before the vines grow deprives the plants of food and weakens them so the RoundUp can do it's job. Don't get sassy though, you may see some survivors next spring. Use the Roundup and don't let them leaf out and gain strength. Some folks say the only way to get rid of bindweed is move. Good Luck, Nancy