How To Remove Chiggers From Yard

Question From: J. Gorman - Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States
Q: Is this good to kill chiggers? We have them in our back yard and a dog helps bring them in. Huge problem.

A: Jack, Chiggers thrive in shady damp areas so changes in the landscape may help or keep them out of these areas. Check with your vet to see what is suggested for treating the dog. The new flea treatments may work on chiggers and are generally safe for man and beast and easy to use. Spraying pyrethrum would be a last resort and if done, be sure to allow it to dry before the dog is allowed out. This is best done in spring. The chigger season ends in October. Check with your county cooperative extension office for information about which pesticides work best for chiggers in your area and how to apply them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy