How To Remove Ivy Hold-Fasts From Brick Wall

Question From: R. Stevens - TEXAS
Q: I have what I believe to be fig ivy on a brick wall on my patio. It has been there for many years and is very thick. Problem... the new growth of vines reaches over to the siding on my home and garage.. those vines leave a very hard sticking dot where it attaches to the siding. I remove the vine but the spot or dot remains. It is very hard and I cannot find a way to get it off the siding. Any ideas on how to remove those dots from my painted surfaces? Or do I just have to try to sand it down and then paint over it ? I have searched for answers but cannot find one at all ... I'm sure I am not the only person to deal with this.

A: Those "dots" are called hold fasts and there is no easy way to remove them. The only way I know of is to sand them off. I have done this myself and it's a miserable job. Sorry for the bad news. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy