How To Remove Moles And Voles

Question From: J. Roeder - MICHIGAN
Q: Please give any advice you might have regarding reducing mole and vole problems. Are there plantings, hardscapes or watering techniques you might suggest? We border a very large woods and they seem to traverse through all our neighbors lawns from the wooded area. This last year was the worst in many. I noticed an increase in activity when I started watering during the drought last summer. I also had ground bees in the spring for the first time and wondered if they were attracted to them as well. I would really like to avoid chemicals if possible.


Jody, I too have been plagued by moles the past couple of years. Mole traps are recommended as the best solution. Sweeney has a new design that is easier than most to use. Poison worms are next. They are formulated to attract the moles. They supposedly smell like the real thing. Next would be mole repellant. Most are made from castor oil. Secret is watering it in. Also start at the opposite end of the area you wish to drive them to. Spray a patch and water it in. Then do another and another till you have moved them out of the area. I actually caught one by hand when I saw the earth move in my raised bed. Fortunately I always wear gloves. Happy Yardening, Nancy