How To Remove Tree And Prevent New Growth From Extensive Root System

Question From: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Q: My neighbor has a tulip tree (we live in west michigan) and it is insidious. We are getting new growth trees all over our yard and the root system is thick and aggressive. My neighbor and I are good friends, and he too recognizes that he has created a problem. What is the best way to kill off new growth plants and prevent more from coming? We are both open to cutting down his primary tree to eliminate more spreading. HELP!

A: You will need to remove the tree and grind the stump below the soil level. You may still get sprouts, but continue to cut them off at the base or paint the bark with Bonide's Sucker Punch. The roots will die from starvation without leaves to nourish them. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy