How To Remove Weeds From Heather

Question From: m. zylinski - MICHIGAN
Q: My wife has some heather which she wants me to dig out because it has become so weed infested as to make the plant indistinguishable from weeds. Any suggestions? Is there a product which will attack just the weeds and not the heather. We have learned that mulching the heather is necessary in our zone, however, my wife has given up, and did not mulch this year. I would rather not throw it out (was beautiful when mulched, and before weeds started dominating).


Mark, Dig it up, clean out the weeds, replant it, mulch it and then use the pre-emergent Preen - not the Preen and Feed, according to package directions. They say it lasts three months here in the north. If we have a monsoon I'd reapply it. It will not kill sprouted plants so don't give them a chance to get going. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy