How To Remove Weeds From Pachysandra Bed

Q: my well stablished pachysandra bed(40 yrs) has been extremely invaded by a tall weed with long roots. please advise. thank you, The leaves resemble those of dandelions.


This is a problem and will take some careful doing. Using the herbicide roundup, Carefully paint the leaves of the weeds. This herbicide will kill or damage any plant it touches, so take care not to drip it on the ground cover. The weeds should die in 10 days. If they are persistant you may have to do it again in spring. Best Nancy.

Q: Nancy, thank you for the roundup advice. followup is this: these plants have very long tough roots which I think are their source of new plants. will the roundup affect these roots? Also, would Preen affect the reoccurence. thank you very much for your help.


Getting rid of the weeds is fiddly work. Keep painting those weed leaves. Once the bed is clean, using Preen will help keep new weeds from sprouting. But if you disturb the soil the Preen must be reapplied. Happy Yardening, Nancy