How To Reseed Lawn After Using Crabgrass Preventer

Question From: M. Gibaon - Jackson, Kentucky, United States
Q: My yard has several bare spots. A couple are fairly large and the grass looks dead. Several small areas are just bare. About a month ago I used fertilizer with crabgrass preventer. How should I attack the dead and bare spots? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Mickey, check out reseeding the lawn at Type reseeding the lawn in the search box and click on search. You will have to wait a few more weeks to seed because of having used the pre-emergent crab grass preventer. Check with the company to see how long the chemical is active. It will prevent the grass seed from sprouting. The secret to success in growing grass is watering. Be prepared to water the seed twice a day until it sprouts. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.