How To Restrict Growth Of Virginia Creeper

Question From: Calistoga, California, United States
Q: Is there a chemical treatment for Virginia Creeper that restricts the growth? I would like to slow the vine's extension into high, hard to reach areas. Does it grow on copper?

A: There is no chemical that retards growth. Not using any fertilizer, either liquid or granular, anywhere near the shrub is a good beginning. The only option is regular pruning. Choose a height you can easily prune and cut the vine 6 to 8 inches shorter every spring before the leaves emerge. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: Nancy, Thank you for your reply. Just to make sure I phrased the question correctly, I was thinking of a non systemic herbicide sprayed on the perimeter growth edge, not something placed in the soil. Is the answer still no? Thank you. Rod Buntzen

A: Rod, If you're thinking of something like RoundUP. I can't say yes to that use. It's against the law to use chemicals in ways not listed on the label. Depending on how much you use you will get die back, but you risk killing the entire plant. You will have to clean up the dead wood. Commercial growers use plant growth regulators to retard growth, but they are very expensive and not available on a retail level. Best Nancy