How To Revitalize

Question From: Redmond, Oregon, United States
Q: I have a mature lilac tree which gets sun until late afternoon. It is on the east side od my yard. For the past several years the leaves have been eaten by a pest. It still blooms, thank goodness. The dried blossoms/stems are difficult to remove due to the height of the tree...15' or so high. The trunk and branchs look withered, a couple are smooth. Should I spray the tree, do I need to remove the dead blossoms/related stems, is it dying? Thank you! (I get confused easily, MS, therefore my direct questions). Kathe

A: Google how to revitalize an old lilac tree to find videos and advice. I would do remove the oldest wood in stages, 2 or three of the oldest trunks every year. Take photos of the damage from insects to an independent garden center or nursery of and ID and control. You can also shorten the height of the tree. Do not remove more then a third of the foliage and trim the tree after it blooms. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy