How To Select A Good Tree For My Front Yard

Question From: G. Loesel - Saginaw, Michigan, United States
Q: Can you suggest a tree for a front yard, native to Michigan, not fir type but fast growing? I'd like a deciduous tree. I have maples in back (don't want more); it's a typical suburban yard in Saginaw with maybe 30' from house to sidewalk. I've thought of tri color beech, but want your thoughts and suggestions as well. Thank you in advance.

A: You need to match your tree to your taste, size of plot, exposure - sun and wind or lack of, weather and type of soil and moisture content. Answer these questions and then do your research as to the "looks of the mature trees". Visit independent garden centers and nurseries that sell these trees and talk to the professionals that sell them. Then you can make your educated decision. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy