How To Set Up Soaker Hose With Long Run

Question From: A. Stevens - Burke, Virginia, United States
Q: I'd like to come up with an easy way to water my raised vegetable beds in the backyard. Unfortunately, my hose only has a water spigot in the front, so I need to run hose all the way around. Would it be possible to connect a soaker hose to the front to water my front flower beds, then a length of regular hose around the side of the house, then another soaker in the back for my vegetable beds? I'd like to leave them out all year, so I suppose I'd have to mulch over them.

A: The problem is water pressure and your idea will not work using hose - soaker - hose - soaker. What you may be able to do is use a splitter at the house spigot and hook up two separate hose - soaker hose units. But the success depends on the distance as water pressure decreases the further out you go from the source. To water my garden up on a hill we installed a small inline pump to increase the pressure. If you have a Tractor Supply in your area, they should be able to help you. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy