How To Store Leaves Over Winter For Compost Next Year

Question From: B. Ross - MICHIGAN
Q: I seem to recall an article a few years ago about how to store fallen leaves over the winter for use in my compost tumbler next year, but can't remember the details. What is your advice? Keep them in plastic bags behind my garage? (I don't have room to store bags like that in my garage.) Or should I just fill my compost tumbler now as much as possible and put the rest out at the curb for pick-up?


By all means fill your compost tumbeler now - don't stuff it to tight. The leaves should be able to move when turned. I would fill the plastic bags with leaves and store them behind my garage. I moisten them so they are damp and sprinkle left over fertilizer in the bag. DO NOT USE WEED AND FEED. I use organic fertilizers. It's a good way to get rid of the dibs and dabs that are left. Happy Yardening, Nancy