How To Test Soil And Vegetable Plants Not Doing Too Well

Question From: S. Summers - Livonia, Michigan, United States
Q: Nancy- Where could you advise me to go here in the Western Wayne County Area (Livonia) to have my garden soil tested?? Vegetable plants not doing too well this year, brown spotting, blight on the tomato plants and early yellowing, fading on my cucumber plants. My suspicion is a soil borne disease or something of that nature. Thank you

A: A soil test will not indicate soil borne diseases. I use the product Actinovate as a spray and soil drench. It's available at English Gardens. *How much does a soil test kit cost?* All soil test kits are now $25. If purchased in person, make checks or money orders payable to MSU. Credit/debit cards and cash are not accepted in person. Here's the website For information on taking a soil test, result information or any other question about taking a soil test, visit: It is a good idea to get a soil test so you have a base-line to work from. Indicate that you wish to grow vegetables in the area as they will tell you what nutrients you may need. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy