How To Transport Geraniums For 10 Days In Back Of Pickup Truck

Question From: J. Stuart - Horton, Michigan, United States
Q: I will be transporting my geraniums from Michigan to Florida and then on to Brownsville, TX this year. This means the plants will be in the back of the pickup for 10 days, no watering, and temperatures of and average of 80-85 degrees. How should I prepare them? Let them be dry or in moist soil? Cut off the buds, but leave the leaves? or prune back? Thank you. I've had some of them for 15 yrs.

A: I guess I would leave them in the pots and let the soil dry down, Cut the flowers and buds off. Box them rather than covering them with plastic bags, which will cause them to mold. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy