How To Treat Bagworms And Will Cut Tree Branches Grow Back

Question From: Belmont, North Carolina, United States
Q: Hello Nancy, Tree with bagworms, in order to spray, do I remove the brown branches first and than spray, or spray with branches still on tree and remove later. (oh I picked a lot of the bagworms and filled a small plastic bag) Once you cut the brown branches off, will the tree regrow new branches? I hope so for there are about 10 feet tall now. I have been reading up on these trees, and I am somewhat perplexed, on the different method's they tell you on what to do. So in other words, I need help to safe my tree. I thank you, Annemarie Craig

A: Timing is the big key to controlling bagworms. The best time is late June with a repeat in early July. Here is a good website to check out. Generally, when you remove an entire branch from a tree it does not grow back, so pruning is done for shaping not controlling insects. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy