How To Treat Hibiscus Infested With White Flies

Question From: W. Dutz - MICHIGAN
Q: Please help me again !! I brought my three Hibiscus Plants inside for the winter and store them in the basement under bright fluorescent lights. They are doing great and are full of blooms. The problem is that they are infested with white flies. I spray the plants daily with Insecticidal soap (Bayer Natria) but it does not seem to affect them. Have you got any recommendation on how to control these pests ? Your advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you for your help


I would use AzaMax by General Hydroponics, being sure to spray it in the under side of the leaves. Since they are in the basement, I would also cut them back. Do not fertilize them until late March. If you can, give them a good shower and let them dry before doing the AzaMax. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.