How To Treat Impatiens Given Too Much Fertilizer

Question From: Millsboro, Delaware, United States
Q: I have made a big mistake and seriously overfertilized my impatiens. They are losing leaves and dying back? What should I do? Flush with plain water? Cut back and leave them alone? Will they come back?? (I can't believe I did this, after all my years with great impatiens!)

A: Flushing the soil to wash away the salts is about all you can do. Do be sure to keep them well watered. DO check the bottoms of the leaves to see if they are covered with a powdery like substance. In that case they may have impatiens downy mildew. Take samples to your independent garden center for an ID. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy

Q: Do you think the plants will revive if I cut them back? Or should I go buy new ones?

A: DId you check the leaves and take samples the garden center? If you have the disease the plants will die and you will have spores in the soil that can live for several years. You can try cutting them back. It depends on how badly the roots were damaged. Again, I suggest you take one to a garden center for an accurate ID. Best Nancy