How To Treat Soil To Prevent Spread Of Disease That Makes Plant Leaves Turn Yellow And Curl

Question From: MICHIGAN
Q: Last spring I raked out mulch and the top layer of soil in my four raised beds and top dressed them with bags of commercial flower and vegetable soil. I planted cucumber plants and three tomato plants (two Beefsteak and one San Marzano) each in their own raised bed along with White Knight japanese eggplant, broccoli, peppers, etc. and put fresh black mulch around all of them. During the summer some tomato leaf branches started to turn yellow and curl and I removed them. I still had blossoms and fruit into September but the disease was obviously spreading and affecting my egg plants. Admittedly I forgot to turn off the joined soaker hoses several (3? 4?) times, once overnight. Must I remove all the soil in my two foot high raised beds to stop this blight or is there a fungicide I can treat the soil with before I plant next spring?

A: Kathy, you can treat it with Actinovate or on line . You should be able to get it at English Gardens or online. Best to use a good quality container mix and compost. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.

Q: Thanks, Nancy. Should I use the Actinovate now or wait till Spring?

A: Do it in Spring . soil temperature should be on the packet. Best Nancy.