How To Treat Stressed Fir Tree With Iron And Fertilizer

Question From: j. ring - Bath, Maine, United States
Q: Hi we have a old tall fir that is stressed, arborist suggested slow release iron fertilizing, is this something we can do ourselves?

A: Kudos for getting the advice of an arborist. A product called Ironite - in granular or liquid form, combined with an organic fertilizer such as Espoma Tree Tone should do the job. Use according to package directions spreading the material out to the drip line of the tree - I'd go beyond. Be sure to water it in. The tree is probably stressed from drought and high heat of last summer, so be sure you give it an inch of water a week if Mother Nature fails to do so. Go to 1 1/2 inches in a heat wave. I would also mulch around the tree with 3 inches of wood chips. Grass competes for water and fir trees have shallow roots. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.