How To Use Newspaper As Weed Barrier

Question From: Livonia, Michigan, United States
Q: trying to find the article using newspaper as a weed barrier--do I weed first, spray with a weed killer, then lay the paper dowm followed by new mulch? I have a plethora of weeds this year esp. thistle and can't keep up with it. I am in my seventies so any shortcuts would be so appreciated. Thanking you in advance, I really enjoy your weekly column. Kathleen Heenan

A: Kathleen, It depends on the area you are working in. You will need to weed around any plants. You can cover small weeds with newspaper followed by mulch - wetting it first will make the job easier. I recommend you cut the thistle and then paint the stub and basal leaves with Round Up first, otherwise they will grow right through the paper and mulch. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy