How To Water Large Magnolia Tree During Drought

Question From: Stockton, California, United States
Q: We live in California and are currently experiencing a four year drought. In our yard is a beautiful Magnolia tree well over 50 years or so old! We've lived here 25 years and it was huge to begin with. That being said, this year we've noticed a thinning of the canopy and the leaves look smaller. I think it's not getting enough water. What is the most effective way to water this massive tree to get the best results. I'd hate for this magnificent tree to die on my watch.

A: Sadly, Michelle, I cannot answer this question for you. I suggest you get an onsite inspection from a professional, a certified arborist. To find one in your area. go to and enter you zip code. Also, Google care of drought stricken trees in California and you will find all kinds of information. I wish you and your tree the best. Nancy