How Will Andromeda Do In Winter

Question From: A. Bush - Springfield, Pennsylvania, United States
Q: I just purchased 3 Andromeda smallish shrubs. I was thinking of planting them at the top of my driveway, which can be seen from the front of the house. However, how do these plants do in winter. Sadly I realize that when we shovel, this area get much of the snow that is thrown and piles up. We have crepe myrtle there and they are fine - they have not died from this. How will the Andromeda do.

A: Anne, Every situation and winter is different. If the snow is delivered in a gentle manner it shouldn't hurt the shrubs. Salt will however damage or kill them. If the area is exposed to wind and you do not get snow in winter, the shrubs will suffer from winter kill. Shade and moist soils are a must. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy