Hydrangea Does Not Bloom Any More

Question From: New Baltimore, Michigan, United States
Q: Hello Nancy. I read your column every week and have learned so much from you. I know you address the issue of non-flowering hydrangeas often, but I still haven't been able to get my blooms back. The shrubs produced when first planted, but not any more. I've tried wrapping in burlap for the winter, fertilizing properly, cutting back in fall, not cutting back in fall. Please give me your best advise for beautiful hydrangea shrubs. I have not cut them back at all yet. What do you suggest.

A: Carol, Thanks for the kind words. First I need to know what variety of Hydrangea you are growing. If they are 'Endless Summer', I would move them or better yet remove them. They are not reliable bloomers in Michigan. If they like where they are sited and how they are cared for they do bloom. If they don't, they won't. There are newer and better varieties on the market. I will give you a few suggestions if you will tell me what kind you are growing. Best Nancy