Hydrangea Grows Big But Does Not Bloom

Question From: P. Goostree - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Q: I have 4 hydrangea all on same side of house..i planted them all last year..this year 3 of them had enormous bloom...but only one on each plant..but the 4th one which is 3 times bigger than the other 3...it has no blooms and know sign of one...why is this??? they are all small plants..and have doubled in size..but the one..and it has tripled in size but no blooms...will it ever bloom...all plants look very healthy...Thanks

A: Not knowing the varieties makes it a bit difficult. Age may be a factor. The re-blooming Endless Summers need a few years to mature. Too much fertilizer could also be a problem. Winter exposure can kill flower buds. The first place to start is finding out what kind of hydrangeas you have. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.