Hydrangea Leaves Seem Healthy But Have Rounded Holes On Edges

Question From: Woodburn, Oregon, United States
Q: I live in the willmartyr valley in Oregon zone 7. I have many types of hydrangeas but this year I added a climbing hydrangea . The leaves are shiny and green but have developed true holes in them, they are from the edges of the leaves And are rounded looking. I cannot see any signs of bugs or slugs around them or on them. The plant is flourishing and looks healthy except for these chewed looking holes. What do you think is causing that ?

A: Larvae, immature bugs may have been the villains and they may be gone by now. Check the back of the leaves after dark and see what you find. Take samples of the damaged leaves to your local independent garden center or nursery that sells these plants for a more accurate ID before you treat for anything. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy