Identity And Source For Plant With Squarish White Daisy-like Flowers With Stems That Share A Center Base

Question From: L. Wallace - Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Q: Hi Nancy! I always love reading your column in the Detroit Free Press. My question is about a new plant that I have seen in gardens in the past year or two: I have seen a daisy plant that has a very different stem system, all stems coming from a center point at the ground, woody stems, with a white daisy-like flower, that is blooming right now -before the flower blooms, the flower head is sort of squarish. The plant is about 2-3 ft high. Do you know what this plant is and where I can get one? Thank you!!

A: My best guess is Anemone Whirlwind. Google it for a photo. I can't help you with a source. I suggest you get a copy of the Michigan Gardeners for a list of nurseries and garden centers in your area and call around. Good Luck and Happy Yardening, Nancy