Impatiens Stopped Producing Flowers In Mid July And Are Nothing But Green Stems

Question From: Pella, Iowa, United States
Q: Our white impatiens were beautiful until mid July. Then they stopped producing flowers and within a week we had nothing but green stems. We plant them at the front and back of the house and every bed and pot is affected. We heard about this problem three years ago and switched to begonias but didn't like them. Last year we took our chances with impatiens and they were fine. This year we got stung. What is the disease (fungus) called that killed them? What next? Thank You

A: The disease is impatiens downy mildew. It remains in the soil for a few years so it's time to try something else. Check out your local independent garden center early next spring to see what's available in your area that meets cultural situation in your yard. Do keep an open mind. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy