Indoor Gardenia Bonsai Is Losing Some Green Leaves

Question From: Stockton, New Jersey, United States
Q: I have a Gardenia Bonsai that is losing some green leaves. I water the plant when the soil feels dry. To do this I place the plant in a container that has 2" of water in it for 20 minutes.? is this okay? Would a grow light help this?

A: The soil should not be allowed to dry out and in a heated house you probably need to water daily. I must admit I have no experience with bonsai. I suggest you find a garden center or nursery in your area that specializes in these plants. Or Google to see if there is a bonsai club in your area. I Googled how to water an indoor bonsai and came up with all kinds of websites that will probably be helpful to you. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy