Indoor Marigolds Have White Spots And Are Drying And Shrinking

Question From: A. Panicked - Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States
Q: Hi I've planted marigolds in a pot plant and after a few weeks they had grown into beautiful healthy plants ... never flower as yet though ... however I knew to transplant them so they have more room .. after some time there has been white spots on them .... I hadn't done anything Bout it ... except I watered the bottom stems instead of the top ..But some of the plants are now drying up and becoming shrinked ...some of them leaves are turning yellow ...i don't know what to do

A: White spots may be a disease called powdery mildew. Marigolds need lots of sun and will not do flower indoors unless you buy an expensive grow lamp. If you are planning to transplant them outdoors. Sounds like they may be suffering from overwatering and lack of light (sun). The soil should be kept moist, but not sodden. Take a photo your independent garden center for a more accurate ID. Generally, to plant out doors in spring I start seeds 6 weeks before my estimated frost free date. Also Google starting marigolds from seeds indoors for more on how-to, Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy