Interiors Of Arborvitae Trees Are Brown And Dusty

Question From: L. Tarlow - OREGON
Q: Nancy, we had 25 12 ft arborvitae trees professionally planted late last summer, with the knowledge that we would not receive any type of guarantee (we did receive a discount). I cannot find an answer to my question anywhere online. Along with our new trees and 4 older ones (one is 19-years-old) they all have one thing in common. When you open them up and look inside they look completely dead. The needles and branches are all brown and dusty.. the only thing green is the end of the branches. My husband tells me that this is normal. I can see brown spots on all of the trees while sitting on our patio, but from afar they don't look too bad. The older trees do show signs of spottiness and have lost their pretty growth lines. I don't see signs of bugs and it seems to me to be too massive for a bug. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so very much. Sincerely yours, Lori


Lori, You have a big investment in these trees. If they were mine I would have a certified arborist do an on-site inspection. Arbs do loose their needles on the interior. For less than a hundred dollars a trained tree doctor can give you piece of mind. Best And Happy Yardening, Nancy.